Massage oil

Massage oil from two brands: Sjankara and Earthlite. Excellent, organic and pure oils to facilitate massaging over the skin. A wide choice of oils to suit all tastes.

Depending on the wishes of your customer, the type of massages you offer, the complaint your customer has and which parts of the body you need to treat, you can choose from a wide range.

If you give relaxation massages as a massage therapist, then massage oils such as jojoba oil and almond oil are excellent choices. These are commonly used base oils, which ensure that your hands glide smoothly and without much resistance over the skin. Relaxing massages require gentle touches. If you give deep-acting massages, such as sports massages, firm connective tissue massages or trigger point massages, you want to feel more resistance during the treatment. You need a different kind of intermediate for that. eg. a massage lotion or cream. These ensure that the skin feels slightly more supple, but without slipping with your hands. View the full range here…