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Welcome to this renewed website of Levensstroom. In my practice I work from the centering® model, a specific way of looking where everything is connected. You are seen as one whole and from this holistic vision a connection is made between your emotions, physical tensions, thought patterns and soul qualities. My work has grown from a desire and search for a connection between psychotherapy and spirituality, science and religion, between knowledge and experience, between East and West, between psychology and ancient wisdom traditions, between the classical knowledge of the human body and the ancient wisdom of ‘the medicine wheel’. Mindfulness is an example of this known and accepted by the public, but also in personally guiding people I combine insightful work and basic knowledge with inwardness and experiential exploration. During a massage I can massage you and soften your muscles, while this can also result in certain emotions that can then be further explored to, for example, detect tension in your body so that you can give it a place in your daily life. In my work I therefore mainly want to offer you a direction to take control of your personal growth process. Through various routes such as psychotherapy, mindfulness exercises, massages, movement, breathing, being mindful, body spirit, … there is an entrance way to look at your specific problem. Handling yourself heartfull, gentle and kind, compassionate is what I want to teach you, through bodywork, meditation, conversation or movement.

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Dirk Vieren Vieren

Manager Levensstroom

In 2006 I started as a psychotherapist, mindfulness trainer and massage therapist in my practice Levensstroom. From an early age I was very interested in deepening, growth work and self-knowledge and I was able to develop this with great enthusiasm into this center as it stands today.

Lien Decorte

Sports masseuse

I am Lien Decorte, married and the proud mother of a son. I have a home practice in relaxation massage and yoga and I also do freelance treatments in a few wellness centres. Massaging is a very rewarding profession for me. Giving someone a nice feeling makes me feel good as well

Saisuda Kaewprasong

Saisuda Kaewprasong Kaewprasong

Thai masseuse

Saisuda has been practicing Thaïse massage for 5 years, and teaching in Thailand for over 3 years. Saisuda`s great personality, sense of humor, and way with words make those 90 minutes in the hot room seem like a piece of cake. She was born in Thaïland and raised in Belgium ..

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