These general terms and conditions apply to all offers from Levensstroom. The conditions are accessible to everyone and included on the websites of Levensstroom.
Before an Agreement is concluded between us, we bring the text of these terms and conditions clearly to your attention and ask you to accept them. If for one reason or another we cannot show you our terms and conditions, you can get a copy or review by e-mail. If an offer has only a limited period of validity or is subject to certain conditions, we will explicitly state this in our offer.
We always describe what we sell as completely and accurately as possible. In any case, the description is sufficiently detailed to allow you to make a good assessment. If we use images, they are a true representation of the goods and / or services offered. However, to err is human and if we are blatantly mistaken, we are under no obligation to deliver to you.
By placing an order with Levensstroom, you indicate that you agree with the delivery and payment conditions of Levensstroom. Levensstroom has the right to change its delivery and / or payment conditions at any time. The customer is bound by the general terms and conditions on the basis of Art. 6: 232 BW.


A purchase agreement is established by offer and acceptance. The agreement is concluded by placing an order, after which Levensstroom sends a confirmation of receipt. If Levensstroom cannot unambiguously determine your permanent place of residence or residence, your order is not valid. You must immediately report any inaccuracies in the information provided to you by Levensstroom. A purchase agreement can also be concluded by placing an order for goods or services by telephone or by personal contact.

In certain cases, we may decide to determine whether you will be able to meet your payment obligations and / or whether there are other reasons why we would prefer not to deliver to you. If, based on this investigation, we have good reasons not to enter into the agreement, we may refuse your order or attach additional conditions to it. In that case, we will always tell you why we do this.

You have 14 days after receipt of your order to judge whether the ordered items are satisfactory and to return your order if necessary.


Despite the fact that the catalog and website are compiled with the greatest possible care, it is nevertheless possible that the information provided is incomplete, contains errors, or is not up-to-date.

When you have specific questions about eg. sizes, color, availability, delivery term or delivery method, please contact Levensstroom in advance.

Levensstroom has the right to change the cost price of a product at any time. All prices are subject to typing errors and price changes.

Promotion conditions: An offer is only valid in the specified terms.

If transport, reservation or administrative costs are charged, this will be stated separately.
The indication of price only refers to the articles as described verbatim. The accompanying photo is intended for decorative purposes and may contain elements, accessories or articles that are not included in the price.
All prices are 21% VAT included.


If you decide to place an order through this site, there are a number of payment options. Levensstroom only ships orders that are paid in advance, with the exception of cash on delivery orders. You can use payment on site, prepay, BanContact / MisterCash, ING Home’Pay, KBC / CBC, Belfius Pay Button, iDeal Direct, PayPal and cash on delivery.

  • You can pick up the article yourself in Gullegem (West Flanders) and pay on the spot. See address. Keep in mind that you can only pay in cash.
  • You can immediately pay for the order online with BanContact / MisterCash, ING Home’Pay, KBC / CBC, Belfius Pay Button, which will speed up the shipment. This is the fastest payment option because we receive the confirmation of the payment within minutes.
  • Dutch customers can also pay online immediately with iDEAL, which will speed up shipping. Here too we receive a confirmation of payment within a few minutes.
  • You can also pay via PayPal via the shopping cart. Because there are quite a few costs associated with payment via PayPal, the exact costs will be charged: 0.85 € fixed cost + 3.4% of the order amount. Before confirming the order, you can see the calculated costs. This payment is immediately confirmed to us by PayPal.
    For other countries it is also possible to pay with Visa, Maestro and Mastercard. The costs are also charged for these operations: 0.25 € fixed cost + 2.00 % of the order amount. Here you will also see the costs as soon as the order is confirmed,
  • Or you pay in advance by bank transfer. This is the slowest formula. Payments are made to account number 979-6482686-84 of Levensstroom, Overheulestraat 237, 8560 Moorsele with your name and invoice number.
    SEPA details: IBAN BE43 7350 4416 5401 – BIC KREDBEBB .
    Payment is made within 10 working days after ordering. The ordered items will be shipped after receipt of payment. All shipments are shipped within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of payment. This is not the fastest option. Depending on which bank you use, the payment can be made the same day, but it can also take 3 working days. But that only applies to payments via internet banking. A payment via a payment form can take even longer.
  • Either you choose topay on delivery .

Can I also pay after delivery?
In short, no. Nothing will be shipped until paid and confirmed by our bank without exception.
Strict adherence to this policy also helps us keep costs low. If we would ship orders that are not paid afterwards, our cost center would be much higher, and the prices in the webshop would also increase.
In fact, ordering and not being heard can mean that we cancel the order prematurely. As soon as something is ordered, the items are reserved for you and are therefore not available to other customers. If we get the impression that someone has ordered something, but has not paid and has not heard from us, then we will also take that action …

For orders of electric and fixed massage tables and orders over 2000 €, it is possible to pay in two installments. An initial payment of 50% is made before the product is ordered from Earthlite. The second payment will then be made just before delivery to the specified delivery address. If for any reason the customer should cancel this order before delivery, the first installment payment will not be refunded or must still be paid.

Non-payment penalties Without prejudice to the exercise of other rights that Levensstroom has, in the event of non-payment or late payment from the date of the default, the customer is legally and without notice an interest of 10% per year on the unpaid amount. In addition, the customer is legally obliged to pay a fixed compensation of 10% on the amount concerned, with a minimum of 25 euros per invoice. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Levensstroom reserves the right to take back items that have not been (fully) paid.


The delivered items remain the exclusive property of Levensstroom until full payment has been made by the customer. As long as you have outstanding invoices with us, you may not resell, give away, use as collateral or make the goods delivered by us immovable.

However, the risk of loss or damage is transferred to the customer from delivery. The customer undertakes, if necessary, to inform third parties of the retention of title of Levensstroom, for example to anyone who would seize the articles not yet fully paid for.


Shipping is done by DPD. The general CMR conditions apply to the shipment of your package. The ordered items will be delivered as soon as possible after receipt of payment. The delivery time of the product depends on when the payment is received. On average it takes 2 days (for the Netherlands this can take 2 to 3 days) when the order arrives. Due to circumstances (weekend, holidays,…) this may be a few days later.

It is advisable to check your package carefully when it is delivered by the carrier. If you notice damage to the packaging, you must sign a receipt with reservation. This way you are protected should your product be damaged or a device should not work properly. And you can submit a complaint to the courier service. Levensstroom has no influence on the delivery of your order. Shipments are made at the expense and risk of the seller. The legal delivery applies when the goods leave our company.


The Belgian law on commercial practices, information and consumer protection of 14 July 1991 allows the buyer to inform Levensstroom within 14 working days of receipt of the product, that he / she is canceling the purchase. If you wish to return a product, you must inform Levensstroom by e-mail and on the accompanying letter or copy of the invoice with the return shipment, stating your name and order number. You must always enclose the invoice with a return shipment. Return shipments will not be processed without an enclosed invoice. If we cannot accept an item as a return and have to send it back to the customer, all costs will be borne by the customer. Unstamped cash on delivery shipments are not accepted by Levensstroom.

Customers who wish to make use of the right of withdrawal must contact Levensstroom within 14 days of delivery and return the goods to Levensstroom at their expense within 20 days of delivery of the goods.

If you receive items that you have not ordered or have not received, you must inform Levensstroom of this as soon as possible. After this period has expired, the purchase is finalized and you become the owner. During the first 14 days after delivery, we expect you to handle the order and packaging with care. If you still want to be able to return the goods as described above, you may only unpack or use them to the extent necessary to assess whether you wish to keep the goods. Returned goods may have been tested, but may not have been used. If you return the goods, this must be done together with all accessories supplied and – if reasonably possible – be in the original and undamaged packaging, together with all accessories,

When you return goods, you are responsible for the transport. If they are lost or damaged in transit, we cannot reimburse you.

The law (art.47 §4 Market Practices Act) provides that you are not entitled to return goods when it concerns:

  • used, soiled, damaged or incomplete articles
  • services of which the performance has started with your consent before the end of the withdrawal period
  • goods that have been specially made according to your guidelines or that have a clearly personal character
  • goods that cannot be returned or can be returned quickly due to their nature spoil or age
  • CDs, DVDs, MPs, ringtones, games and computer programs unsealed by consumers
  • newspapers, magazines and magazines
  • betting and lottery services

If the product you received was not the product you ordered, or if it arrives damaged, please return it within 7 days following receipt. If the items are unused and have been returned on time and correctly, either a new product will be sent or Levensstroom will pay the price paid as soon as possible, no later than 30 days after receipt of the items.


a. Legal guarantee (only for consumers)

Under the law of 21 September 2004 on the protection of consumers in the sale of consumer goods, the consumer has legal rights.
Each item is subject to the 2-year legal warranty against hidden defects and non-conforming delivery from the date of purchase by (where applicable delivery to) the first owner.
During this period, Levensstroom undertakes to replace or repair the defective item (or part) free of charge. Levensstroom reserves the right to exchange the article if the repair and / or administration costs are disproportionate, or if repair is impossible.
Any commercial guarantee does not affect these rights.

On some goods we give an additional guarantee in addition to the above mentioned guarantee. In that case, we will clearly state that guarantee and its conditions on our website.

b. General In order to invoke the warranty, the customer must be able to submit the invoice, which serves as the warranty certificate, and / or the warranty certificate of the product.
Articles that were purchased and delivered to the customer’s home, the customer must contact Levensstroom in advance, after which the customer must return the article to Levensstroom at his expense.

Any defect must be reported within 1 month after it has been established. Afterwards, any right to repair or replacement lapses.

The (commercial and / or legal) guarantee never applies to defects that arise as a result of accidents, neglect, falls, abnormal or incorrect use, use of the article contrary to the purpose for which it was designed, non-compliance with the instructions for use or manual, modifications or changes to the item, rough use, poor maintenance, abnormal or incorrect use.

Nor does it apply to articles with a shorter lifespan or wear articles.
Defects that manifest themselves after a period of 6 months following the date of purchase, if applicable, delivery, are deemed not to be hidden defects, unless the customer proves otherwise.

The warranty is non-transferable.


Force majeure is any circumstance beyond our control and control that prevents the fulfillment of our obligations in whole or in part. Below we understand, among other things, strikes, fire, business disruptions, energy disruptions, disruptions in a (telecommunication) network or connection or communication systems used and / or the unavailability of the Webshop’s website at any time, non-delivery or late delivery. from suppliers or other engaged third parties,…


Our website, logos, texts, photos, names and in general all our communications are protected by intellectual property rights that lie either with us or with our suppliers or other entitled parties.

It is prohibited to use and / or make changes to the intellectual property rights as described in this article. For example, you may not copy or reproduce drawings, photos, names, texts, logos, color combinations, … without our prior and express written permission.

We always hope that all our customers are 100% satisfied. If you nevertheless have complaints about our services, you can appeal to the complaints procedure described on our website. We do everything we can to deal with your complaint within a reasonable period of time.


The customer accepts that electronic communications and backups can serve as evidence.


Belgian law is applicable to all our agreements. The competent Belgian court, by joining other authorities, is authorized to hear all disputes that may arise under the agreement between Levensstroom and the other party.

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