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Table warmers

Table warmers

Accessoires voor bij de massagetafel

Table warmers

Table warmers

Electric table warmers are luxurious, soft and comfortable sheepskin covered electric heat blankets for a warm feeling for the client during all your treatments.
Electric blanket for a nice warm feeling
An electric heating blanket serves to heat your customer in a targeted way. You can use it to preheat the massage table before the treatment. Or during the treatment so that your client does not cool down while he is being massaged. After all, by lying still and in colder periods the body cells will close and will therefore tense. And also energetically, the customer will not be able to relax sufficiently.
Different temperature settings
Many electric heating blankets are equipped with a thermostat so that you can choose the desired temperature depending on the customer and your treatment. In addition, some models also have an automatic shut-off system. This way, you can avoid getting too hot after a while. But on the other hand you also save energy and your safety is always guaranteed.
Time setting
Some table warmers have the option to set the temperature and the time. This way you can decide for yourself, depending on your customer and the temperature in your room or environment, how warm and how long the heating blanket should heat up. When the time has elapsed, heating will stop automatically. Handy, right!
This prevents you from forgetting to turn off the heating blanket after, for example, you have guided your customer outside.
Overheating protection
Most heating pads and blankets are equipped with an overheating system. This means that the electricity supply will be automatically interrupted at some point .

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