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Fixed treatment tables

Fixed treatment tables are sturdy and heavier massage tables that do not need to be moved immediately. They have a greater working weight, weigh heavier than the portable massage tables and are extremely suitable for heavy massage work.

If you want a stronger and more rigid massage table in your beauty salon, practice room or massage parlor, with a higher weight capacity and firmer stability, these fixed massage tables are an excellent choice.

There are fixed treatment tables in wood and metal. So you have a wide choice to choose the treatment table that best suits your needs and desires. Usually these tables are made of heavy metal or wooden construction and superior foam with extra cushioning on the headrest to make them excellent treatment tables for sturdy and heavy work. In other words, ideal tables for manual therapists, chiropractors, sports masseurs, osteopaths, physiotherapists, doctors,…

But some of these tables are also ideal for Wellness and Spa resorts. Because you can use these massage tables as a massage table or as a seat / treatment chair. The luxurious design is characterized by Pro-Plush Deluxe ™ cushioning system and durable Natursoft ™ upholstery. They look very beautiful and shine in the practice room as salon furniture for professional masseurs, beauticians and so on. The pinnacle in ease of use with the possibility to adjust the back section in different positions and also slightly bend the legs.

The fixed salon tables have an exchangeable head and footrest, which increases comfort. So also suitable for hotel rooms, beauty salons, saunas and wellness centers,…
View the different models below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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