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Very welcome to get acquainted with the both brand Earthlite and Universe massage tables. I will be happy to answer your questions and help you find a suitable, qualitative treatment table for you.

There is a wide range of solid massage tables. Feel free to scroll down to view the Universe portable massage tables , my own private label, below.
All treatment tables are complete with headrest, arm sling and carry case.

And they have proven themselves in practice as the best-selling table with a beautiful design, long life, extra long (196 cm), creak-free, strong headrest, wider working height than others tables, comfortable,…

Currently there are 6 models available. The Universe:

  1. Standard
  2. Reiki
  3. Lady
  4. Tilt
  5. Pregnancy
  6. Fysio

These massage tables are characterized by quality and budget friendly price. Excellent for starting and novice masseurs and for those looking for a table for their private life.

What are the characteristics of the Universe treatment tables?
  1. All treatment tables are characterized by quality , even the tables from the lowest price range! It is an intended choice of mine not to offer cheap massage tables because these are always of lower quality. It is not the first time that a customer has bought a cheap massage table via the internet or in a supermarket and came to me after 4 months because the legs of their table were cracked while a customer was on the table! You don’t want to experience this…
    All tables have a solid quality so that your customer can enjoy a comfortable.
    The cheapest table can be found here at 259 €.
  2. The Universe massage tables are stable and sturdy. The base is made of sturdy beech wood. And equipped with support and stability slats, so that the tables fold less when weight is placed on them.
  3. They are very comfortable. The Universe massage tables are provided with a filling that consists of several layers so that the customer does not feel pressure pain after lying down for a long time. The filling feels soft but is still firm enough and offers the necessary support.
    In addition, each table also has a soft and durable PU covering and you can choose from multiple colors so that this piece of furniture also fits perfectly into your interior.
  4. Standard on all models comes a headrest, arm sling and carrying bag. This way you have everything together and you can start immediately.
  5. With a headrest, your customers will no longer suffer from pain in the face due to the pressure that is present at tables with a facial recess. The headrest can be adjusted to different positions and heights. The distance of the two legs that you plug into the table are standard sizes and can therefore also be located on other tables that have these standard sizes. Yes, even a headrest from another brand, such as the Flex-rest or Install the Earthlite Caress headrest onto the table.
  6. The included arm sling allows the clients to hang their arms while their head is on the headrest. This provides better lying comfort than when the arms are lying alongside the body on the table. in this way the shoulders are also more relaxed which makes the work for the masseur or masseuse easier.
  7. The included carry case is sturdy and handy when transporting the table. The protective bag is made of sturdy nylon and reinforced at the bottom. With the sturdy and adjustable shoulder strap you can easily distribute a large weight over your shoulder while you can take the strap on the side with your hand. There is also a large side pocket with a zipper where you can store all kinds of accessories. A must if you also want to massage while on the move. This way you prevent damage to your table during transport.
  8. Also characteristic of the Universe massage tables is the height range. The legs are extra long so that you can set these tables up to approximately 91 cm high. Ideal for larger masseurs. Because the legs are made of first-class beech wood, they split less quickly than cheaper types of wood. In addition, the legs are equipped with non-slip feet and each leg has two buttons to fix so that the table has a little more stability.
  9. All models have a standard length of 192 cm without the headrest. Which is 10 cm more than the Earthlite tables. For larger customers extra comfort when they lie on their back. With a headrest there is an additional 24 cm, which makes the length 2 meters 20 cm…
  10. Another advantage when you have a Universe massage table is that you can combine with the Universe accessories and therefore get a discount!
Combination articles

When purchasing a Universe massage table you get a discount when you purchase accessories from the same brand!

You can also choose the fitted sheets of my house brand. If you order a Universe package, the price is only 55.00 € instead of 70 €. The accessory package consists of:

The package is available in the color ecru (beige).

There is possibly also a pliable chair or massage stool of the same brand. This can be ordered with a discount if you purchase it together with a Universe massage table. Go to the webshop, order your Universe table first and then click on the tab “combination offer” next to the tab extra information. There you have the option to choose the foldable massage stool for 52 €. Normal price is 65 €.

A massage chair on wheels without backrest: normal price 80.00 €. In combination with table: 64.00 €.

The armrest half moon: normal price 55.00 €. In combination with table: € 44.00.

Universe disposable headrest with elastic: normal price € 15.00. In combination with massage table: € 12.00.

To enjoy these discount prices go to combination-articles .

See the models here:

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