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Portable massage tables

There is a wide range of decent portable massage tables available at Levensstroom (West Flanders). I offer 2 brands of excellent quality: Earthlite and Universe. For everyone’s budget. The prices on this website include VAT.

For both professional and non-professional users.

I sell portable treatment tables from 2 brands Earthlite and Universe . These tables are collapsible and foldable. Light and handy to carry to your workspace, to transport to your customer to whom you want to give a massage treatment on the spot.
Most types are made of wood. But there are also massage tables in aluminum which are extra lightweights.

The Universe massage tables are manufactured by the best manufacturer from China. They provide comfortable, sturdy, stable and portable massage tables at an excellent price.

Levensstroom focuses exclusively on solid and good treatment tables, not cheap massage tables, I want to offer a certain quality so that your customer can enjoy the treatment in a pleasant, comfortable and safe way.
You already have a good Universe massage table in the price range from 250 to 300 Euro incl VAT. They are the cheapest in our range. And very solid!

Besides the Universe massage tables I also sell tables from Earthlite and the Inner Strength massage table.
Inner Strength and Earthlite are 2 brand names of the company Earthlite, an American manufacturer who has been producing massage tables since 1973. You can choose from fixed, very stable massage tables, portable or electrically height-adjustable treatment tables.

Portable or stationary massage table?

What is the difference between a portable and a stationary or fixed massage table? The portable massage table is movable, foldable and transportable.
The stationary massage table, on the other hand, is not or more difficult to move and certainly not foldable. These massage benches or wellness tables have a more robust construction and are therefore best suited for permanent standing in the massage room and physiotherapy practice. Portable massage tables usually have a base of wood or aluminum, while the fixed treatment tables are usually made of metal.

The lying surface of a treatment table

Very important when purchasing a treatment table is the lying comfort. After all, you want your client to enjoy a pleasant relaxing massage. But when he is on a table too thin he will quickly feel pain points. Or lie uncomfortably. A treatment table must also be easy to wash and disinfect. The covering must therefore be adapted to this.

Adjustable in height?

Fixed and electric massage tables are easy and versatile in height adjustment. This is less the case with portable wooden tables. If you are the only one using the massage table, a foldable treatment table is certainly an option. All portable massage tables can be adjusted in height with 1 or 2 buttons on each leg. but this is best done when the customer is not yet on the table. This allows the therapist to perform the treatment in a comfortable position and, if possible, in a straight body posture.
Electric or stationary treatment tables can be adjusted in height much more easily and this while the client remains on the table. You can also adjust the height while giving a treatment.

Make your choice below

Click on one of the photos below to view the type of portable massage table that appeals to you.
If you don’t know how to choose, the following tips might be welcome:
You can order all massage tables through this online store without any problem.
If you have any questions or if you want more information about stock, colors … you can contact us by telephone on 056/444 796 or via e-mail.

Group discount or discount when purchasing multiple treatment tables

When purchasing larger quantities, different types of discounts can also be given. This can be interesting if you are a docent, trainer or teacher and/or give massage courses. And there is also the option to resell the Universe products.

Discounts do not apply to combination items or products that already have a discount.

Want larger quantities to purchase, please contact me and we will look at the possibilities together. Delivery costs can also be reduced for larger purchase quantities. The website never gives the correct representation of shipping costs because, for example, it does not know how many products can be put in 1 box…


Levensstroom is located in West Flanders. But the Earthlite and Universe massage tables and all accessories are delivered throughout Belgium (including East Flanders, Ghent, Antwerp, Limburg and Brabant and Wallonia: Hainaut, Namur, Liège, Brabant Wallon, Luxembourg) and the Netherlands. You can also pick up everything yourself if the items are in stock.