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Massage oils Sjankara

Massage oils Sjankara, the creams, lotions are all essential elements in a massage experience. Add depth to your massage sessions with the perfect oils.

Massage oil is an oil that is used during massage treatments. It is used as a lubricant so that the rubbing, wringing, kneading, ironing, … can go smoothly, and smoothly without painful consequences. The oil often consists of a base oil and essential oils. For the traditional massage experience, you can offer your clients a natural unscented massage oil.

A good base oil is slightly greasy so that it is not quickly absorbed by the skin. It certainly does not have a pungent odor and also has the right balance between sliding and slipping (or the right viscosity / viscosity).

Basic oils

Basic oils are plant based oils. origin and can be extracted from:

The Sjankara massage oils are very pure, organic and purely natural. Real essential oils.