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Healthy food, what is it now? You read a lot about it and it is not always easy to make the right choices. The nutrients presented here are products that KPNI foodie has selected, in addition to its own product line Treat. The nutritional products are based on the scientific knowledge about nutrition, according to clinical psycho neuroimmunology. This food is therefore free from grains, gluten and wheat, lactose, milk and casein, soy, refined sugars, legumes, potatoes and mammals. The goal is to help you with your new healthy lifestyle

The right diet full of good fatty acids and correct fibers really makes a big difference. The selected flours come from tubers such as konjac and tapioca, baobab, linseed and coconut.

Are you interested and do you want to stay young, energetic and slim for longer, and protect you against diabetes, heart attacks, too much bad cholesterol, and other Western diseases of affluence and ageing? Then this category can support you in rare to find products.

The full range of bread and baking mixes consists of:

With the baking mixes you can bring your favorite dish on the table in a minimum of time to enjoy with the whole family or friends,… No chef skills needed. Very quick and easy to bake.

Gluten Free – Soy Free – Lactose Free – No Potato – No Rice – No Corn – Sugar Free.

These baking mixes are based on tapioca, linseed and coconut. In addition, depending on the mix, extra good prebiotic fibers are added from tubers (konjac and tapioca) and baobab.

Purely healthy, nutritious, tasty and fast. And good for your gut!