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Massage devices

Massage devices and relaxation equipment that help you to relax, relieve your pain, stimulate your energy. Levensstroom offers a range of relaxation equipment to relax.

All devices have the function that they physically relax the body, reduce muscle pains, reduce stress, boost the energy system, circulate blood better, sleep better, …

After a hard day's work you come home tired and lethargic. . you don't feel like doing anything yet. Maybe your stress level is very high? Then relaxation and relaxation is an important moment! Levensstroom offers a series of massage devices that help you to relax.

There are devices such as the massage seats and massage mats that act directly on your muscles and help them relax. Other equipment such as the brain machine work on the brain by means of light waves and sounds. A session with the brain machine puts you in a deep sleep or helps you to relax.

In addition to physical relaxation, the chi machine also provides a boost in your energy system and brings the chakras back into balance.