Chi vitalizer Basic

The chi vitalizer Basic is the basic model among the chi vitalisers I sell and new to my range. A wonderfully relaxing massage device whose ankle holder moves sideways. While both feet are in the ankle holder, you are gently shaken in this way. A kind of pulsing massage so to speak. It is able to stimulate chi energy in the body, make the blood circulate better, helps with certain back problems, provides more oxygen in the body,…

The Basic model is easy to operate and provides an equivalent quality to the more expensive Chi machines but with lesser features. With this model, you can control the speed by means of a rotary knob. You can set the speed between 80 and 160 movements per minute. The Chi machine Basic stops automatically after 15 minutes but you can of course switch off manually.

If you are not familiar with the chi machine, first read what is oxy twist chi machine (Dutch). You’ll find info on what a chi machine or chi vitaliser is, how it works, how to use it, what it’s all good for….

What is specific about the Basic model?

With this device, you can manually infinitely increase or decrease the speed or rpm of the ankle holder.

If you are considering the purchase.

Then you can allow yourself 15 minutes of relaxation every morning and/or evening. To start the day, for example, or as a blissful end to a busy, stressful working day. Then, for 15 minutes, you give your mind and body a gentle transition from an active day to a peaceful night. As if the day is being shaken off. That way, you don’t take the stress of the busy day and headaches to bed.
And vice versa in the morning. Using the chi machine gives you new energy and allows you to start the morning fresh.



Features of the chi vitalizer standard:
  • the chi vitalizer Basic does not have an LCD screen
  • speed can be set from 80 to 160 RPM and is controlled by a rotary knob
  • no automatic programmes that the other models have
  • elliptical movement pattern
  • convenient carrying handle
  • designed to meet the highest quality standard
  • has been specially developed for the best performance and longest lifespan
  • includes a robust 40-watt motor.
  • is available in 220V.
  • 2-year warranty


  • strong 40 Watt motor
  • 2 m long cord
  • variable speed (80-160 rpm),
  • 3 pre-programmed Auto Mode selections
  • LCD display with 15 minute timer
  • Ergonomic footrest
  • On / off button
  • Power supply 220V

This newly designed chi vitalizer is made of high temperature heat resistant plastic, offers high resistance to shocks, and has a strong base / acid resistance.

Uses International Standard Specification parts.
Constructed with precise flexible ball bearings.

Additional information

Weight 8000 g
Dimensions 40,5 × 38 × 34,5 cm


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