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Massage table rental

Massage table rental
There is a wide range of solid portable massage tables . Some of these are also available for rent. Scroll further down for the range. You can also contact us for more information either via mail or by phone on 056/444 796. Then you can find out, for example, which tables are in stock, what your wishes are, for how long you want to rent a treatment table …
If you need one or more massage tables for your massage course , (sports) event, workshop, fair, …
You pick up the massage table of your choice yourself or can be sent by mail. You must return or send it yourself at the agreed time. If desired, I can submit a pick-up order to GLS myself so that you don’t have to arrange anything.
Prices may vary slightly (depending on the model and duration). There is a basic price regardless of whether you rent it for 1 day or more days. Base price is calculated per week, so you don’t have to rush to return it the next day. You pay 10 € extra per week that you rent it further.
A deposit of 100 € is also paid per table, which will be refunded when the table is delivered in good condition. Note: the deposit, because it will be refunded, cannot be invoiced. So keep in mind when paying that you have to pay an extra 100 € per massage table. It is therefore best to choose ” pay by bank transfer ” in the checkout process after you have chosen your treatment table. Then you can immediately pay that 100 € deposit. If you wish to receive the portable massage table quickly after payment, send a copy of your payment by e-mail. Then you don’t have to wait two days until your payment is visible on my account.
You can of course also pay cash when you pick up the portable treatment tables yourself.
You have to provide yourself for a fitted sheet to protect the table against oils, grease … and you are responsible for damage to the rented equipment.
If you 2 or more portable If you want to rent massage tables , please contact me. Then we look at the cheapest way to transport the tables. Eg. with pallet, pick up, …

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