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In this webshop I present to you my own line of Levolade chocolate, dark chocolate callets with the dark colour and strong taste, much loved by true chocoholics. Also lactose free, additive free, less sugar, and even without soy lecithin, which is usually found in all chocolate. Connoisseurs consider dark chocolate to be the only true chocolate, as it has the strongest taste and purest composition, without any additional additives. The cocoa bean determines the taste of the chocolate and not every dark bar is the same. Check out the different flavours and our extensive range here. On the blog, you can read more about the origin of the cocoa beans, the process from bean to finished product and the health benefits.

When you think of chocolate, you think of “Belgium”. My callets come from Belcolade, which stands for Belgium (BEL) and chocolade (COLADE) and has a long-standing and excellent reputation for Belgian chocolate. All the products you find on this site are therefore produced at this factory in Belgium (Erembodegem). This company is the only one in the market that is still owned by Belgian owners. So you are guaranteed a genuine Belgian chocolate sensation.</p>

Belcolade chocolate is characterized by:

The products used here are also labeled “Cocoa-Trace“. Cacao-trace is a program that ensures that sustainable cocoa can still be made in the future, where cocoa farmers receive training and education and where the end result is better chocolate. Everyone involved, from cocoa farmer to consumers, enjoy this wonderful development.

This chocolate is made with high-quality cocoa beans that are fermented and dried according to strict rules. The fermentation process is closely monitored and optimized by fermentation experts in the local plantations close to the cocoa farmers. This way you have the guarantee that you always have the very best taste of chocolate and by buying these products you help farmers with a higher income!

Cacao-Trade not only offers cocoa farmers training and fair prices, but also constantly seeks new ways to improve their lives. The chocolate bonus encourages farmers to supply high-quality cocoa beans. After all, per kilo of chocolate sold, € 0.10 is donated to the communities of cocoa farmers with whom it collaborates.

Discover my different products below and let your creativity run wild with the possibilities. After all, these callets are very easy to melt, so you don’t have to break anything first. Once melted, you can do anything with them:


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