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Jouw persoonlijke coach bij stress

Biofeedback equipment

What is biofeedback
Biofeedback is a method of measuring your body signals with sensors connected to equipment. For example, muscle tension can be measured, breathing rhythm, heart rhythm, temperature of the hand and the degree of perspiration from your fingertip. For example, these measurements can be used to read on a screen whether someone is stressed or relaxed.

Measure stress and relaxation
By connecting yourself to sensitive measuring equipment, you can see what is happening on the screen. For example, you can see on the screen when someone is relaxed, or stressed, anxious. Or how the concentration is, how the breathing is going, whether someone sweats more, … So everything is easy to follow on the monitor.

Control over your body to get; no more stressful plaything
More and more professional supervisors are using technical innovations, such as biofeedback equipment. This equipment clarifies and visualizes subtle information from the body and can be further interpreted by the facilitator, coach, trainer or therapist.
Levensstroom uses the stress laser and the KYTO bluetooth heart rate monitor to measure heart coherence. And as software I use the Inner Balance to measure heart rate variability. in this way my clients learn to practice heart coherence.

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