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Massage seats

Your personal masseur at home
At Levensstroom you can now also find massage chairs or massage seats that suitable for all types of users. These products are designed by top engineers and designers from the best manufacturers and developed in collaboration with the best medical institutes on the market.
Levenstrooms massage chairs and massage seats are designed to provide total relaxation and they are a wonderful alternative to, or an addition to (expensive) intensive physiotherapy treatment.
The massage chairs are high-tech luxury massage seats that massage almost the entire body at once. They are always there for you, when you want, as long as you want. You can choose which body parts you want to give extra attention to. Whether it is a hard massage or a relaxation massage. The chair takes care of the seat, back, arms, shoulders, feet and legs at the same time. After 15 minutes, your muscles are back in top condition and the same effect is achieved as with a traditional one-hour sports massage. This is the offer:

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