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Chi machine

What is a chi machine?
The chi machine is a health and relaxation devices that help with lower back pain, reduce upper back, neck, spine pain. It brings oxygen into the body, ensures fat burning and improves blood flow. More background information about what it is exactly, how the chi vitalizer works and what it is good for you can read here: chi machine
There are 3 models of chi machines for sale:
The standard model
Incl. 3 pre-programmed exercise sessions.
Digital readout of the set speed
Timer adjustable to 5, 10 or 15 minutes
3 pre-programmed sessions for sleeping, relaxing and getting more oxygen
2 years warranty
Chi vitalizer with vibration and infrared radiation
In addition to manually or automatically moving the ankle holder, this device also has a "dual channel vibration ", a very soft but intensive vibration of the ankle holder. You will feel extra blood flow and energy around the feet and lower legs.
Digital readout of the set speed
Timer automatic stop after 15 minutes
3 programs
2 year warranty
Large model
The distance between the ankle holders of this chi machine has been widened.
For people taller than 1m85.
Digital readout of the set speed
Timer automatic stop after 15 minutes
3 programs
2 years warranty

Chi vitalizer can also be rented
Is buying a chi vitalizer still a bit too challenging for you? Then you can first test a chi machine and rent it for a month.
Rental conditions
First, there is always the possibility to test the chi machine. A session lasts 30 minutes, including 10 to 15 minutes intake. For prices, see pricelist .
You can rent the chi machine for 4 weeks. Price is 50 € (hire purchase) + 100 € deposit. If you want to buy the device afterwards, this rental price + deposit will be deducted from the purchase.
The same conditions and prices also apply to renting the model with infrared therapy, vibration and massage function and the Large model for people taller than 185 cm.

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