Taste the LevOlade chocolate, that’s how these drops of callets of Levensstroom are called, a combination of Levensstroom and chocolate.
You can do a lot with these dark chocolate callets. You have here the original drops before they ever arrived at any bakery or chocolatier. So not processed, no additives, starting directly from the raw material cocoa, and other raw materials of course; cocoa beans which are roasted, ground, refined, conched into liquid chocolate.
You melt them very easily in a pan au bain-marie without first breaking or chopping a block. Once melted, you can do anything with it:

  • melted in almond drink or coconut milk as a unique chocolatemilk
  • you can eat them as a snack
  • as a liquid for a “chocolate fondue
  • as a sauce for desserts
  • melted for chocolatemousse, cakes,…


  • Truly Belgian!
  • Cocoa content: more than 70%.
  • Sustainable Cocoa Trace
  • For preparations, easy to melt and to make your chocolates, bars,
  • hollow figures, sauces,…
  • Rich in flavonols
  • Dairy-free