Remote astral energy healing

Remote Tantra Massage and Astral Healing

How it grew in my development process?

That our bodies are fixed and armoured was already known to me from the character structures. Each character has its own mechanisms to process emotions and survival methods to channel sexual life energy, by holding on, holding back, holding up,… Thus, getting to know and working on my character structures was a first step in de-armouring my body and the stored emotional blockages.


A continuation of releasing chronic armour from my body was knitted in personal sessions I attended with Dirk Marivoet: postural integration. Using myofascial work, breath work, movement, bodymind drama, gestalt work and other techniques, inner tension built up in your bodymind is released. Pelvic-Heart Integration is a specialised form that focuses on the different dimensions of human love and sexuality.

My first introduction then to energetic work with sexual energy began in 2014. I attended a weekend de-amouring with Andrew Barnes and was introduced to Tantric Body De-armouring. Through de-amouring, you learn to release holding patterns that lower your vibrational frequency and limit the full enjoyment of life. Many people unconsciously carry these energy blockages with them all their lives….

A year later, I was then allowed to receive an energetic tantric massage myself for the first time… an experience that has stayed with me deeply and which is difficult to compare with anything else. It was like an overwhelming orgasm that I could feel in several chakras, so not only sexually.

Later, I was introduced to the Somananda school founded by Soma and his wife Liisa. Somananda Tantra School is a rare spiritual university dedicated to the authentic tantric traditions. People from all over the world are initiated into the ancient knowledge in Tantra, Yoga and meditation.

This is where I recently took the course in remote tantric massage and astral healing….

But what exactly is this? To understand this, we must first understand what energy is.


What is an energy orgasm?

A whole-body energy orgasm (also known as a cosmic or spiritual orgasm) is a mysterious sexual, spiritual and energetic phenomenon that is currently gaining recognition and acclaim.

You may think it is fictitious or just reserved for the sexual elite. Dis, however, is a myth. The truth is that everyone has the ability to experience a whole-body energy orgasm, but first you need to understand the secrets behind this ecstatic power.

Video clip: here is an example of an energetic orgasm

So you are made up of energy!

If you want to experience an energetic orgasm yourself, you have to realise that you are more than just a gross, physical body. For example, we already know by now, despite the physical form and matter we see on the surface of our bodies, that more than 70% of the body is made up of water.

Beyond your material body and physical manifestation, you are also an energetic being made up of highly refined energy centres, a super network of energetic channels. To take an example: your heart produces and electric field so that it can contract. In the right atrium there are about 10,000 “pacemaker cells” delivering electrical impulses. This electrical activity can be measured using an electrocardiogram (ECG).

But the heart also generates a magnetic field, and this can be measured with a magnetocardiogram. Read more about the electric field and magnetic field. So there are many more energies within you….

Whether you are aware of it or not, energy constantly flows through you and controls your thoughts, emotions, desires, sexuality and actions.

Wat is energie ?

Tantra recognises that we all have access to
powerful healing energies
that are innate in all of us.

For most people, this flow of energy is unconscious. But according to the great systems of yoga and tantra, we can learn to control this energy. And not just the energy that permeates our being, but all the energy that permeates the entire universe. Therefore, first:

What is energy?

Energy is a universal force within us and all around us, and there are many different kinds. While there are many forms of energy, there is one form that is super powerful: sexual energy. This is why tantric masters have chosen to focus on the sexual aspect – not for the sake of the sexual piece or to increase pleasure. But rather because they were obsessed with enlightenment! They discovered that they could use sexual energy, a force in the physical world, to reach further into the spiritual world.

Regardless of type, there is one fundamental truth about all energy – it operates according to and is governed by specific laws. Unlock these laws and essentially acquire the universal key to controlling energy.

Take electricity as an example. Electricity is a form of energy. Through scientific research, man was able to decipher the laws that ultimately produce electricity. As a result, electricity was no longer understood as an ethereal concept, but rather became known as a tangible and sensory event that could be created on command and at will.

The sexual energy within you

Another form of energy that is innate in all human beings is sexual energy. In Tantra, this is considered a very powerful and dynamic energy with enormous potential. We don’t know it but our sexual energy can be used for much more than sex, It is also healing! BUT it has to be used and controlled in the right way. There are specific teachings in Tantra that give you the tools to master your own sexual energy.

Werken met energie op afstand

As with all energy, sexual energy is also determined by its own rules and laws.

If you don’t work on this yourself, sexual energy will tend to accumulate in the lower, genital zones. Here it is a very raw, primary and heavy form of energy closely linked to pure instincts and fundamental desires, and it is limited to producing very superficial pleasure that is both outwardly explosive and of very short duration.

In this way, a cosmic, energetic orgasm remains absent and remains legendary and elusive. The sexual energy remains simply a seed of potential buried deep in the soil of the sex centre but which never germinates.

A cosmic energy orgasm is a unique state of mind that transcends all preconceptions we have about sex, sexuality, orgasmic potential and the ultimate function of sexual energy

So, what then is an energy orgasm?

Simply described, an energy orgasm is a blushing and radiating of sexual energy throughout the body.

If the sexual energy discharges outward, its power is lost. If the energy is directed inwards, preserved and channelled upwards, it can transform into a super-sensory, magical, spiritual ecstasy that ripples through your entire being – mind, body and soul – in the form of a spiritual orgasm.

Video clip: Liisa heals a male model.

What is tantra?

If you were to ask someone in the street what tantra is, you would probably get an answer like “sex in all sorts of positions”, or “sex without orgasm”,… However, tantra is much more than that.

Tantra is a vast and complex system of spirituality that activates and enhances human potential.

The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit. ‘Tan’ means something like expanding or also weaving (like a spider weaves a web). ‘Tra’ is liberation. It aims at spiritual expansion and liberation through exercises. It is a science of studying and controlling energy in all its various manifested forms, in and around the human body and the universe. Somananda says Tantra is equivalent to ‘web’ or ‘network’, symbolically representing that everything and everyone is connected.

What is remote tantra?

So if you now know that everything is made up of energy and that tantra is about controlling and expanding this energy and if you know that energy has no limitation, after all it has no material form, then it is not so difficult to understand that this energy can be controlled without limitations of gravity, time and space. Since these limitations do not restrict the application of channelling energy, Tantric Energy Healing can be done remotely without any physical touch and over any distance. This is also how we learnt it in our training and it is amazing to see how the teacher can make this energy flow in all students…!

1. What is Tantric healing?

Tantric medicine is energy-based healing. If someone has a problem, the tantric practitioner assumes that something is wrong with this person’s energy. There shows a blockage, imbalance, disharmony energetically in that area, which later manifests itself in the physical body.

While physical symptoms visible in the physical body due to an imbalance or illness are important and relevant, it is even more important to understand where and why these symptoms originate.

The truth is that the cause of physical symptoms comes from a much deeper level that lies beyond the physical body. In fact, it goes beyond the energetic body, the emotional body and the mental body.

Remote Astral Healing

2. Tantra remote sexual massage

Remote Tantra Massage is essentially working with prana, or life force energy, and the sexual energy. In this case, the sexual energy is used as a trigger, to produce a cascade of beneficial effects throughout the body and the whole being.

In Tantra, we have deep reverence for sexual energy. Sexual energy is the most powerful and healing energy in the universe. Through techniques, your life energy (Chi, Prana) is channeled through the body and transformed into boundless power, vitality and creative potency. When this energy is redirected, you can get more deeply in touch with who you are, your higher purpose in this world, understand the meaning of relationships and intimacy, feel true love and connection with sensuality and sexuality. Also healing physical and chronic discomforts, immune imbalances, psychological problems such as depression, anxiety…, emotional instability….

The method by which Tantra Energy Healing can heal problems of all levels (physical, mental, emotional, psychosomatic, energetic and spiritual) finds its roots in:

  • the purification, activation and harmonisation of energy channels
  • creating an optimal flow of clean energy
  • detoxification of body and soul
  • eliminating blockages and traumas from past wounds
  • helping a person realise their full sexual-orgasmic potential
  • as well as a deep spiritual awakening

3. Remote Tantric Astral Healing

While Tantra Energy Healing works on the pranic level and uses sexual energy as a trigger to be the catalyst of powerful healing effects throughout the body and being, Remote Astral Energy Healing works emotional energy on the astral realm. Remote Astral Healing is indeed unique from the other two modalities that fall under the umbrella of Remote Tantra. It is also not the same as Reiki, as it is much misunderstood.Here the focus is on astral energy, which is emotional energy. In Tantra, emotions are considered a powerful form of energy IF they are controlled in the right way.

Unlike prana and sexual energy, astral energy is more refined and has a different consistency and quality.

This astral energy is also used for healing. Using astral energy for healing means that results can be achieved exponentially faster, more efficiently, deeper and more effectively than with other types of energy. The effects can also last longer and the relief is lasting. Astral Healing can heal, rejuvenate, make changes and activate and balance what you, the recipient, need.

Why ENERGY is vital for healing from within

The basic premise of the ancient, original Tantric teachings is that ALL mind-body-soul diseases first originate in the energy bodies before manifesting in physical form as symptoms, illnesses and discomforts.

Most people look at surface-level treatments, focusing only on the symptom rather than digging into the root of the problem. Many with mental and emotional health problems turn to psychiatrists, Western doctors, and talk therapists, and sometimes get prescription drugs in hopes of curing their embedded problems. Such methods are also important and a necessary part of healing and deep personal transformation, but they only work to an extent because it does not remove the disease from the energetic blueprint. All new information just stays in your conscious mind. This means that once you are triggered, you go straight back to your subconscious, the resilience of old behavior patterns,

Repressed emotions and memories are locked up and recirculated in the physical body, down to the cellular structure and into the energetic body (Pranic/Astral), and when left unattended, this energy creates physical health problems.

To ensure that old programming is released and diseases are eradicated, it is necessary

Is your interest piqued? Make an appointment!

Do you want to experience more vitality, energy, joy, contentment, gratitude, inner peace, resilience, fortitude, confidence, self-respect, productivity, direction, clarity, self-awareness, self-insight, self-love, unconditional love in your life?

Then maybe remote Tantric massage and astral healing is a help for you? Feel free to make an appointment here. A session takes about 1h and costs 60 €.

You can feel free to stay at home, you don’t have to leave your seat for it. On the contrary, you lie down on a mat, make sure you have a laptop or camera at hand and via Zoom we connect.

After your payment is received, you’ll receive an email from me with the link to connect to the Zoom platform. And I’ll give you some information to prepare the room and how to prepare yourself for the session.

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