Earthlite TravelMate

The Earthlite TravelMate is a desktop, go-anywhere, massage system that allows practitioners to deliver massage therapy at home or office, trade show, business,… It even works with clients in wheelchairs. In seconds the TravelMate is ready in position, firmly set on top of a desk or table. You can even install it on a bed. It fits quickly and easily, providing balanced support for the resident’s head and chest. It weighs a mere 4 kg and comes with a carrying case.

The package consists of:

  • Earthlite TravelMate
  • Matching carrying bag

All you need is a table or desk!



Table specifications & features of the Earthlite TravelMate:

  • Chest part tiltable and slidable
  • Ergonomically shaped headrest and cushion
  • Headrest adjustable in several positions
  • Carrying bag Sternum cushion and storage bag for jewelry and / or glasses
  • CE marking
  • Colors: There are 3 available colors: Black, Mystic Blue and Teal Green

Additional information

Weight 9000 g
Color Earthlite 16

Black, Mystic Blue, Teal


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