Everest Salon

Do you want a lot of legroom during your treatments? Then the EarthLite Everest Salon™ fixed electric massage table is your choice. This electric treatment table offers a lot of comfort for wellness and beauty treatments. This slim Everest flat Wellness table has one pedestal in the middle so that there is plenty of leg and knee room. The table is exceptionally strong and stable.

With reliable electric lift equipment, you can smoothly and calmly adjust the height with an easy-to-use foot pedal.
The heavy-duty steel frame offers superior stability and strength, and can support a weight of up to 273 kg. It offers the perfect economical blend of beauty and functionality for day spas, beauty salons, Beauty salons, Spa and Wellness resorts, saunas…

The tilting of the backrest of the Everset Salon is done completely electrically. To increase the convenience of the client and easy use by the massage therapist, the backrest can be adjusted in endless positions. The masseur’s legs can remain calmly under the table while, if desired, the table can be changed in height again and again, quietly and gently, without disturbing the client’s peace of mind.

The massage table itself is beautifully covered with Pro-Plush ™ Deluxe 7.6 cm thick cushioning system and covered with luxurious yet durable Natursoft ™ upholstery, available in 10 different colors so you are sure to find what suits your needs and style. Each corner is rounded in the salon style for easy access for both the client and the massage therapist.

With the Everest you offer your clientele a luxurious comfort and a perfect wellness look in your practice room or beauty salon. The table weighs 98 kg. All tables are 185 cm long (without headrest = optional) and available in a width of 71, 76 or 81 cm. The height range made possible by the controls for raising and lowering the table is from 63 to 94 cm.

With or without accessories

You can choose this Salon model with or without accessories. If you choose the accessories, 302.50 € will automatically be added to your shopping cart. Accessories are understood to mean: a Salon headrest, neck roll and armrests. If you do not need all accessories but only 1 item, you will find the separate prices here:

Salon Headrest: 78,65 €
Salon Neck roll: 48,50 €
Salon Flex armrests: 242,00 €
Flexrest headrest, including face cushion LEC Strata memory foam 145,00 €
DeLuxe armrest: 205,50 €

Bekijk hier een video clip van Earthlite’s Everest Salon massagetafel

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Standard Features of the Everest Salon

  • Slim design with single base
  • The reliable electric lift lift provides smooth height adjustments with an easy-to-use foot pedal
  • UL and CE approved
  • Heavy steel frame provides exceptional strength and stability
  • Total lifting capacity: 273 kg.
  • Motor is hidden from view for a sleeker, and even more functional design.
  • Whisper-quiet and very reliable electric drive for all your height adjustments.
  • Strong durable steel frame and a low-noise motor.
  • Maximum leg and knee room for the therapist, allowing greater access to the client.
  • Easy to use with foot pedal.
  • Rounded corners
  • ADA compatible
  • Provides exceptional strength and stability.

Luxuriously padded sleeping surface with rounded corners:

  • Approximately 7.5 cm thick damping system, consists of 3 layers of “Pro-Plush ™ foam rubber of different thickness: a solid bottom layer that prevents you from feeling the hard surface and two top layers for the comfortable feeling and ultimate comfort.
  • Butter-soft, eco-friendly Natursoft ™ upholstery.
  • The nice looking rounded corners are even easier for the therapists to treat the client.

Power Assist ™ for Tilt and Salon options

  • Non-electric – economical pneumatic assisted lift system.
  • Usable for extensive services including facials, medi-treatments and more.
  • Earthlite’s proprietary One-Touch ™ levers provide pneumatically assisted back and leg adjustments, even while the client remains on the table.
  • Simple and infinite adjustments.

Versatile functions and options

  • You can choose from a flat massage table, Tilt or Salon model.
  • The Tilt models can be operated pneumatically with Power Assist ™ lever or electrically. The backrest of the Salon models can only be operated electrically.
  • With the Power Assist, the backrest moves between 0 ° and 56 ° by means of one push lever.Versatile functions and options
  • Possibly expandable with Flexrest headrest, incl.face cushion LEC Strata memory foam € 145.00 or Carress headrest: € 157,50
  • Also possible to expand with armrest: DeLuxe armrest (€ 205,50) or Universal armrest (€ 109,00 €)


  • Length: 185 cm (optional without headrest)
  • Width: 71 cm, 76 cm and 81 cm
  • Weight: approx. 152 kg
  • Height adjustable from 63 to 94 cm
  • 230 Volt
  • Limited lifetime warranty on frame and 2 years on motor and steering.
  • CE-mark
  • CE mark
  • Made in the USA with parts sourced worldwide.

Available colors

The “Everest Salon” massage table is available in 6 standard colors: Black, Latte, Mystic Blue, Marie’s Beige, Sterling and Vanilla Cream.

kleuren elektrische massagetafels

Subject to an additional charge of € 60.50, the colors Amethyst, Burgundy, Teal and White can also be ordered.

Additional information

Weight N/A

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Color Earthlite 16

Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Latte, Marie's Beige, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal, Vanilla Crème, White


With accessories, Without accessories

The cover of most Earthlite massage tables (not Inner Strength, Harmony) is made of Natursoft PU-vinyl, an environmentally friendly, durable and easy to clean table cover.
Natursoft feels soft… a luxuriously silky feel similar to fine glove leather. Natursoft has been durability tested with an extensive rub test, including some of the most popular oil and cream products in use in spas today. The results were phenomenal…durable, easy to clean, and it stays very soft and clean, you have to feel it to believe it!
More importantly, Natursoft is an eco-friendly polyurethane vinyl that lives up to Earthlite’s commitment to the environment. This color chart can help you choose your massage table.

Below is a card with the different suits. Only 10 of these colors are currently available at Earthlite.
Please note that not all colors are in stock and that some colors have an additional cost. These colors are usually in stock in the European warehouse at no extra cost: Black, Burgundy, Mystic Blue, Teal Green and Vanilla Creme. Other colors that can also be ordered with a waiting period: Amethyst, Latte, Marie’s Beige, Sterling and White.

Natursoft Colors Earthlite

With the color chart below you have an overview per model of massage couch or massage table or for each accessory which colors are available.

Upholstery color chart for all Earthlite products.

To make it easier to choose a portable and foldable treatment table, you have an image below that you can click on. Then you see all Earthlite portable treatment tables in an overview with their specific features.

Compare the portable massage tables

If you are looking for a fixed or electric massage table, the following overview of the Earthlite Spa and Wellness treatment tables might be useful.

keuzelijst Earthlite behandeltafels

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