The Jumbo massage roll half round is a foam-filled bolster with a zipper and a belt handle. Ideal to support your customer below the knees or ankles.

  • COMFORTABLE MASSAGE BULB: That relieves the load on the lower back during the massage. Place it below the knee or ankle to tilt the pelvis slightly to relieve back pain.
  • LARGE SIZE: extra large size of knee roll, worthy of the name… “Jumbo”.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Made from high quality eco-friendly foam and NATURSOFT 100% PU rayon backing.
  • DIMENSIONS AND STYLES: 3 different styles: 1/2, 3/4 or full round. 9 Different colors available. Dimensions can be found in the description.
  • WARRANTY: 1 year warranty from EARTHLITE, the world’s leading provider of professional massage therapy, since 1987.



Specific features of the Jumbo massage roller half round

  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 22.9 x 73.7 cm.
  • Covered with Natursoft with 100% PU. Water and oil resistant.
  • Available in the colors: Amethyst (Purple), Black, Burgundy, Latte, Marie’s Beige, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal Green, Vanilla Creme. Some colors are not in stock and have a waiting time…

Additional information

Weight 750 g
Dimensions 73,7 × 22,9 × 11,4 cm
Color Earthlite 16

Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Latte, Marie's Beige, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal, Vanilla Crème


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