Rental Inner Strength Element

Rent the Inner Strength Element massage couch. A simple and solid massage table for regular use. For all your events, workshops, sports activities. Or a special occasion or a party where you would have liked to use a massage couch? Well, at Levensstroom you can also rent various massage tables.

This lightweight massage couch also includes a headrest.

For rent per week. For each additional week you pay 10 €. Please note that a 100 € deposit is paid for each massage table. This is not charged with your order because it is not invoiced. So when you pay you will have to pay a deposit afterwards via electronic transfer. You will receive the necessary information by e-mail. Also read the rental conditions in the tab below.



Some features of the Inner Strength Element massage couch:

  • Length: 186.25 cm (without headrest)
  • Width: 76 cm
  • Weight: 14.5 kg
  • Hard birch wood quality
  • frame & birch plywood table deck
  • Full length piano hinge for extra strength and stability CradleLock cabling
  • PU Vinyl covering
  • Thickness 7,6 cm filling
  • Fixed side panels which gives more stability
  • Height adjustable up to 85 cm
  • Strong – loadable working weight up to 181 kg

Additional information

Weight 21500 g
Dimensions 97 × 26 × 85 cm

The portable massage tables are only rented out after verification of identity data, e.g. by e-mail, showing a driver’s license or passport.

  1. An amount of rent + 100 € deposit is paid before or upon receipt of the massage table. If the table also has to be sent, shipping costs will be added.
  2. The tenant can rent extra for the following week(s) with a weekly rental amount of € 10.00.
  3. A deposit of 100 € is paid per massage table, which will be refunded when the table is returned in good condition. Please note: the deposit, because it is paid back, cannot be invoiced. So keep in mind when paying that you have to pay 100 € extra per massage table. It is therefore best to choose “pay by bank transfer” or “bank transfer” in the checkout process. Then you can include and pay the 100 € deposit in the rental price. It then takes 2 days (or longer during weekends or holidays), before your payment is on my account.
  4. This amount can be transferred to IBAN BE43 7350 4416 5401 – BIC KRED BE BB in the name of Levensstroom, Overheulestraat 237, 8560 Moorsele or cash paid on collection.
  5. The tenant can of course also pay in cash when he picks up the portable treatment table(s) himself.
  6. After no later than 1 week after receipt of the table, the rental period expires and the tenant must have contacted himself, either by telephone or by e-mail, regarding the return or further purchase of the table.
  7. The rented massage table remains the property of Levensstroom until the moment that the tenant has possibly purchased the table and has paid the remaining amount.
  8. The tenant has the option to cancel this contract every week and to return the table, undamaged and in undamaged original packaging, to Levensstroom, Overheulestraat 237, 8560 Moorsele. Shipping costs are at the expense of the tenant.
  9. After receipt of the table, the deposit of € 100.00 minus any repair costs and/or unpaid installment(s) will be refunded to the tenant.
  10. In the event of non-payment or late payment of a weekly term, the tenant undertakes to return the rented massage table immediately and at his own expense to the address mentioned under 7. If the massage table is delivered a week later than the end of the rental period, the tenant will pay an additional weekly rent of 10.00 €.
  11. Any failure to do so by the tenant gives Levensstroom the right, at the expense of the tenant, to deploy all legal means and to take measures necessary to regain possession of the table.
  12. Any costs arising from non-compliance with this agreement are for the account of the tenant.
  13. The rental price includes 21% VAT and is valid if the table is sent.


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