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The Spirit Feldenkrais massage tables are specially designed by Earthlite and Feldenkrais Resources for Feldenkrais practitioners. Each massage table is extremely sturdy, durable and handmade using only the best, eco-friendly materials. This exclusive design features a firm foam, curved corners and uses only the finest maple hardwoods and Russian birch plywood for a solid and durable construction. These tables are ideal for Feldenkrais Practitioners, Rolfing Structural Integration Practitioners and other Somatic Practitioners who use a lower massage table.

Taking care of our customers while Earthlite honors the Earth…
Earthlite does not use hardwood from rainforests or wood from old-growth forests. They depend solely on farmed and renewable wood resources. No more luxurious vinyl and cushioning system has been found than these eco-friendly, 100% PU Natursoft and Nature’s Touch vinyls.
It’s all in the touch!
Natursoft feels soft… a luxurious silky feel, similar to fine glove leather. Natursoft’s durability has been tested through extensive rubbing tests, including some of the most popular oil and cream products used in today’s spas. The results were phenomenal… a durable, easy-to-clean cover that’s so soft you have to feel it to believe it! Most importantly, Natursoft is an eco-friendly polyurethane fabric with a biodegradable rayon backing that supports EarthLite’s commitment to the environment and to our customers.

The delivery time depends on the transport schedule from Earthlite (America) to the European warehouse. Usually a container leaves for Europe every two months. Depending on when you place your order, it will take a little shorter or longer.

Available colors

Standard vinyl in different colors Marie’s Beige and White: + 50 €
Colors at no extra cost: Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Latte, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal, Vanilla Cream

921,00 971,00 


Specifications & features of the New Spirit Reiki massage table

  • Length: 185 cm (without headrest)
  • Width: 76 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg depending on the width of the treatment table
  • Height adjustable from 41,9 to 64,8 cm
  • Quality hard maple wood frame & birch plywood table deck
  • Patented Cradle-Lock ™ cabling system
  • Maximum load strong: up to 363 kg working weight
  • Static load: 1400 kg
  • Full-width piano hinge
  • With 2 reiki panels. Click on New Spirit massage table for identical table with one Reiki panel and one standard plate between the legs.
  • Beautifully rounded corners.
  • Recesses for the headrest on both sides.
  • The shiatsu option ensures that the New Spirit Reiki massage table can lie flat on the ground if necessary.
  • Luxurious, durable and environmentally friendly Natursoft cover in six colors
  • The “Stitched-Fit ™” method of covering the treatment table. This creates a flatter work surface so that the client is less likely to feel that their arms are rolling off the massage table
  • Approximately 7 cm thick damping system, consisting of 3 layers of “Pro-Plush®” foam rubber: a sturdy bottom layer that prevents you from feeling the board, an intermediate layer for a comfortable feeling and the top layer consists of memoy foam, a kind of Tempur, so that you can body shape is worn.
  • Natursoft® Vinyl – 100% nature-friendly PU vinyl, soft to the touch and yet strong and easy-care
  • Supplied with a Flex-Rest headrest: it takes the shape of the face and together with the memory foam head pillow ensures a pleasant rest of the head without pain or pressure points.
  • The headrest can be placed on either side of the table.
  • Meticulously manufactured by Earthlite using only water-based paint and glue and eco-friendly materials
  • 5 year warranty on the frame and 3 year warranty on the foam and vinyl
  • CE marking
This treatment table is also available in the following options:
  • New Spirit with 1 reiki panel.
  • New Spirit Reiki with 2 reiki panels.
  • Pregnancy massage table: with breast and belly recess, ideal for pregnant women.
  • Extra Wide: width: 89 cm, 1 Standard and 1 Reiki plate between the legs (without headrest and carrying bag!)
  • Face recess with round filler plug and cushion (= + € 175)
  • Face recess in teardrop shape + filler plug (= + 175 €)
  • Height adjustable legs (= + 48,5 €)
  • Ultra leather ® upholstery: (= + 360 €)
  • Armrest such as the arm sling or Universal armrest.

You can order the options with a link there. For the options without a link, please contact me. Because this must then be forwarded to Earthlite and therefore there will also be a waiting time.

Available colors

There are 10 available colors. These colors are available at no extra cost and usually in stock in the European warehouse: Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Latte, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal Green and Vanilla Crème.

Extra costs (+ 20 €): Marie’s Beige and White

The New Spirit Reiki can be viewed at my place. Please contact us first: 056/444 796. More info can also be found in the Feldenkrais folder.

Additional information

Weight 24500 g
Dimensions 99 × 27 × 83 cm
Color Earthlite 16

Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Latte, Marie's Beige, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal, Vanilla Crème, White


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The cover of most Earthlite massage tables (not Inner Strength, Harmony) is made of Natursoft PU-vinyl, an environmentally friendly, durable and easy to clean table cover.
Natursoft feels soft… a luxuriously silky feel similar to fine glove leather. Natursoft has been durability tested with an extensive rub test, including some of the most popular oil and cream products in use in spas today. The results were phenomenal…durable, easy to clean, and it stays very soft and clean, you have to feel it to believe it!
More importantly, Natursoft is an eco-friendly polyurethane vinyl that lives up to Earthlite’s commitment to the environment. This color chart can help you choose your massage table.

Below is a card with the different suits. Only 10 of these colors are currently available at Earthlite.
Please note that not all colors are in stock and that some colors have an additional cost. These colors are usually in stock in the European warehouse at no extra cost: Black, Burgundy, Mystic Blue, Teal Green and Vanilla Creme. Other colors that can also be ordered with a waiting period: Amethyst, Latte, Marie’s Beige, Sterling and White.

Natursoft Colors Earthlite

With the color chart below you have an overview per model of massage couch or massage table or for each accessory which colors are available.

Upholstery color chart for all Earthlite products.

To make it easier to choose a portable and foldable treatment table, you have an image below that you can click on. Then you see all Earthlite portable treatment tables in an overview with their specific features.

Compare the portable massage tables

If you are looking for a fixed or electric massage table, the following overview of the Earthlite Spa and Wellness treatment tables might be useful.

keuzelijst Earthlite behandeltafels

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