Standard Carry Case

Some professional masseuses must be able to transport their massage table from home to the client or other workshops. Protect your massage table with this sturdy nylon case to protect you from bumps and scratches. The Earthlite carrier bags make transporting your portable massage table very easy. They are made of sturdy durable black nylon and have a wide strong zipper. The carrier bags have an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to distribute the weight of the treatment table evenly between your shoulder and the other arm. It also has handy side pockets of different sizes for storing and transporting all kinds of massage accessories. This way your table is protected while traveling or when you want to store it. Choose from the professional model available in different sizes or the standard model.

This Standard carry case de Earthlite is made of sturdy vinyl with padded shoulder strap and padded bottom, with double zip. It is custom made and has a large compartment for accessories.

Only available in black.



Specifications and benefits of the Standard Carry Case

  • Heavy-duty design
  • 1 Pockets
  • Comfortable carrying strap
  • Padded bottom

Available for massage tables of 76 cm.

All models of carry cases are in black color.

Additional information

Weight 1500 g


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