Terra treatment table

The Terra treatment table from Earthlite is a very sturdy stationary treatment table that can be manually adjusted in height.
It has a sturdy hardwood frame and a Deluxe adjustable headrest with a soft Crescent pillow.
This table is richly covered with luxurious 7.6 cm thick cushioning and supple NATURE’S TOUCH fabric.
A beautiful, practical hardwood shelf offers plenty of storage space for towels, knee rolls and other massage supplies.

This table is incredibly strong and has an amazing working capacity of 363 kg making it ideal for heavy massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, sports massage, …

Light assembly required.

  • The Terra treatment table can also be neatly stored by removing the legs and base.
  • Super comfort.
  • Rounded corners are attractive and convenient for therapists
  • Complete, easy to assemble kit
  • Comes complete with upholstered top, shelf, hardwood legs, and Deluxe adjustable headrest with pillow
  • Easy to assemble, all hardware and tools included



Specifications & properties of the Terra treatment table

  • Length: 185 cm (without headrest).
  • Width: 76 cm
  • Static weight: 1451 kg
  • Height adjustable from 62 cm to 84.5 cm
  • Maximum working weight: up to 363 kg
  • 5 year warranty on the table structure and 1 year on the upholstery and damping
  • CE marking

Standard features

  • Sturdy hardwood frame and birchwood legs
  • Basic trestle option
  • Rounded corners
  • Pro-Plush ™ Deluxe 3-Layer “Cushioning System”
  • Nature’s Touch fabric cover
  • Deluxe adjustable headrest included
  • Rounded corners are attractive and convenient for therapists

Additional information

Weight 45000 g
Color Earthlite NT

Beige, Black

What is Nature Touch (NT) cladding?

Natures Touch is one of 3 different cladding materials Earthlite uses. They offer Natursoft, Natures Touch and Ultraleather on their various massage tables and chairs.
Natures Touch: is an eco-friendly, 100% PU coating, Nature’s Touch is durable, comfortable and easy to clean. The upholstery should hold up well if you treat and store the tables properly (don’t use chemical cleaners, leave them out in the sun for days, etc.)

Available colors

Natures Touch colors

Upholstery care</strong >

Keep your table away from extreme cold or heat as this can damage the upholstery. Do not store the table in a vehicle as it may be exposed to strong temperature changes. For best results, transport and store the table in a carrying case to protect and store the upholstery.

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