Universe knee roll cover

For your knee roll, a cover is also made of the same fabric as the Universe massage table and headrest cover. The Universe knee roll cover is also tightened with a cord using a double stitched elastic seam. It is seamless and has a perfect fit.

You can wash the knee roll cover after use and use it again. This Universe bolster cover is suitable for fully round and three-quarter round knee rolls with dimensions: diameter 12-16 cm, length 66 cm. They are made of high-quality and extra thick terry cloth from stretch cotton (75%) and 25% from polyester with a thickness of 260 grams per m2. They close very nicely around the bolsters!

The Universe knee roll cover is currently, just like the covers for treatment tables and headrests, only available in the color ivory (= soft cream color).



Graduated discount

If you want more exemplars of the Universe knee roll cover, you will receive a discount!

  • From 2 to 5 pieces = 5% discount
    From 6 to 10 pieces = 10% discount
    From 11 to 15 pieces = 15% discount
    From 16 to 20 pieces = 20% discount

These prices are automatically calculated as soon as you have entered the number of pieces and have placed the product in the shopping cart.

Additional information

Weight 350 g


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