Vibra-Therm sports therapy table

Earthlite® Vibra-Therm™ sports therapy table

This pioneering Vibra-Therm™ sports therapy table is a combination of heat and vibration massage through integrated massage motors that improves muscle repair while also warming up. Vibration therapy consists of repeated rapid oscillations of localised pressure to stimulate the body’s muscle and connective tissues. Lower speeds are used for muscle relaxation, while higher speeds are used for stimulation and activation.

  • Programmable system with six (6) intensity levels and six (6) speeds across three (3) zones for maximum therapeutic impact and customised treatments.
  • Meanwhile, two (2) levels of penetrating heat provide additional impact.
  • Can be used to complement traditional sports massage and physiotherapy for maximum impact.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable.
  • Designed for professional and home use. Weighs only 43 kg.
  • Give the table a few minutes to warm up. If the ambient temperature is 60 degrees, it may take 5-6 minutes to reach the desired heat.

ADJUSTED TRILLING therapy treatments – Stimulate muscles and fascia with six (6) intensity levels, six (6) frequencies and three (3) vibration modes (Continuous, Pulse and Wave) to create a range of customised therapy treatments.

FOCUSED TREATMENT AREAS – Targets upper back, lower back and thighs for localised, targeted treatment.

INTEGRATED WARMTETHERAPY – Warms painful muscles with embedded heat therapy pad with low and high intensity settings with or without vibration therapy.


PROFESSIONAL QUALITY TABLE – Full-size massage table made from managed forest hardwood and the best eco-friendly upholstery available.

COMPLEX PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE – Includes table, remote-controlled electronics, headrest and face cushion and robust carrying case.

UL-LISTED ELECTRONICS – Includes convenient, intuitive remote control.

EARTHLITE WARRANTY – Lifetime limited warranty on table structure, 2-year warranty on electronics.



Specifications & features of the Vibra-Therm sports therapy table

  • Length: 185 cm (without headrest)
  • Width: 76 cm
  • Weight: 19.5 kg
  • Height adjustable from 58.5 to 84 cm
  • Hard maple wood quality frame & birch plywood table deck
  • Patented Cradle-Lock™ cabling system
  • Maximum load strong: up to 272 kg working weight
  • Static weight: 1089 kg
  • With 2 standard panels.
  • Cut-outs for the headrest on both sides
  • Luxurious, durable and environmentally friendly Natursoft upholstery in 10 colours
  • The “Stitched-Fit™” method of covering the treatment table. This ensures a flatter working surface so that clients are less likely to feel their arms rolling off the massage table
  • Approximately 7 cm thick cushioning system, consisting of 3 layers of “Pro-Plush®” foam rubber: a firm bottom layer that prevents you from feeling the board, an intermediate layer for the
  • comfortable feel and the top layer consists of memory foam, a type of Tempur, so that your body shape is supported.
  • Natursoft® Vinyl – 100% nature-friendly PU vinyl, soft to the touch yet strong and easy-care
  • Supplied with a Flex-Rest headrest: it adopts the shape of the face and, together with the memory foam pillow, ensures that the head rests comfortably without pain or pressure points.
  • The headrest can be placed on either side of the table.
  • Accurately manufactured by Earthlite using only water-based lacquer and glue and eco-friendly materials
  • CE mark

Available colours

Currently, this table is not yet available in the European warehouse. But it can be ordered subject to a 6-month waiting period, given the current crisis situation. There are 2 available colours. Black and Vanilla Crème.

Additional information

Weight 24500 g
Color Earthlite 16

Black, Vanilla Crème

What is Nature Touch (NT) cladding?

Natures Touch is one of 3 different cladding materials Earthlite uses. They offer Natursoft, Natures Touch and Ultraleather on their various massage tables and chairs.
Natures Touch: is an eco-friendly, 100% PU coating, Nature’s Touch is durable, comfortable and easy to clean. The upholstery should hold up well if you treat and store the tables properly (don’t use chemical cleaners, leave them out in the sun for days, etc.)

Available colors

Natures Touch colors

Upholstery care</strong >

Keep your table away from extreme cold or heat as this can damage the upholstery. Do not store the table in a vehicle as it may be exposed to strong temperature changes. For best results, transport and store the table in a carrying case to protect and store the upholstery.

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