Zenvi Sound Cushion

Zenvi sound cushion with which you can provide your customer with pleasant, soothing relaxation music with iPod, telephone, portable MP3 players while he enjoys your soothing massage treatment.

Zenvi ™ seamlessly blends the soothing effects of crystal clear, high-fidelity sound vibrations with your spa or massage treatments, taking therapies to a whole new level of relaxation, renewal and stimulation – all tailored to the individual expectations of each unique user. Beautiful on the outside, but Zenvi’s interior innovation is equally impressive. With NXT’s patented SurfaceSound ™ technology, Zenvi sound cushion connects to iPods, phones and other portable MP3 players, eliminating the need for expensive or cumbersome internal sound systems and accessories. The lightweight system is easy to use and can be easily stored in most portable table systems.

Thickness: 10 cm



Standard features Zenvi Sound cushion:
  • Patented NXT SurfaceSound ™ technology provides complete immersion in high-fidelity sound through gentle vibrations in a softly padded headrest pillow designed to enhance any spa or massage treatment.
  • Hidden but easy access to music and power source. Connects to almost any portable audio device with a stereo 3.5mm mini jack, including iPods, phones and other portable MP3 players
  • Convenient, integrated, eco-friendly rechargeable battery pack delivers up to 12 hours of playtime for hassle-free use during a busy treatment
  • The Zenvi Sound Cushion is a professional quality headrest cushion wrapped in soft yet durable Natursoft ™ fabric with 10 cm multi-density cushion system. This provides unparalleled support and comfort
  • Available in NS Black upholstery
  • Fits easily on most headrest platforms
  • Compact and easy to transport or store in most portable massage tables
  • CE Mark
  • 1 year limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 1950 g


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