Bolster holder

The Earthlite bolster holder ensures that your knee roll is stored discreetly. You also have easy access to your pillow and you can store different types of massage knee rolls such as 3/4 knee rolls, fully round, Jumbo and semi-circular Fluffy bolster. That way you always have them within reach.
These holders are only suitable for fixed and electric massage tables!



Features of the bolster holder

Compatible with the most popular knee rollers:

  • 3/4 round kneeroll
  • Full round bolster
  • Jumbo half rond
  • Fluffy bolster

STATIONARY AND ELECTRIC MASSAGE TABLES: fits standard outlets of all fixed and electric treatment tables
HIGH QUALITY: Sturdy steel construction with an attractive black steel frame. Hides close to the treatment table.


  • Weight: 1,13 kg
  • Width: 40,5 cm
  • Height: 23 cm

Note: The bolster holder does not fit on portable massage tables. For storage space at portable massage tables, see the portable massage table hammock.

Additional information

Weight 1130 g
Dimensions 40,5 × 23 × 23 cm


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