Massage oil holster double

Practical massage oil holster with double bottles that ensures that you always have the oil at hand during the massage. The oil holster has an easily adjustable waistband with a handy snap-on buckle that is worn around the waist.
The bottle (200 ml) has a well thought-out twist-stop dispenser, so that the pump function can be switched off. Prevents oil leakage and always at hand. The holster itself is slidable over the waistband and can be hung right, left back … over the waist, over your hips, around your waist, … depending on your own wishes. No more risk of dropping your bottle of oil, losing contact with the client during the massage or leaving traces of oil around your surroundings.

The holster and its 200 ml bottle of massage oil with pump are the essential accessories for all professional masseurs.
The pump bottle is suitable for use in oil heaters.

Experience the convenience of using a holster for your massage oil or lotion.

Available in 2 sizes: Single and Double (only in black)



Massage oil holster double

MASSAGE OIL & LOTION HOLSTER: Double quality woven nylon holster with 2 refillable pump dispenser bottles. This way you always have your bottles of oil or lotion at hand during your massage.

REDUCES SPILLS: The refillable pump dispenser bottle prevents spills and provides a cleaner, safer work environment so you can stain less while you work.

ADJUSTABLE – FITS EVERYONE: An adjustable nylon strap that can be extended between 66 cm and 127 cm.

COMPLETE PACKAGE: Includes EARTHLITE’s adjustable woven double holster and one refillable pump bottle

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Weight 90 g


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