Kyto bluetooth HRV heart rate monitor

With the Kyto for Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod you can check and monitor how your heart rhythm evolves and whether you are in heart coherence. In this way you improve your well-being through exercise and by monitoring your balance yourself. The Kyto immediately gives you clarity about how you feel at that moment. This device works together with the Coherence Heart Trainer app (but also with other apps) and comes with a Dutch manual.

Noticeably reduce your stress with simple biofeedback equipment.

Do you want to know how your heart coherence exercises work? How many percent were you in coherence? What is your heart rate variability at that time?

The KYTO is a very handy biofeedback device that is easy to connect to your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad or iPod. You insert the ear sensor in your earlobe or place the index finger in the infrared finger sensor, which with the help of Bluetooth and the app ‘Coherence Heart Trainer’ gives an efficient layout where you can read the balance-coherence level during the exercise. All practice sessions are saved in a history, notes can be added and the report of the session can even be emailed to your coach or third parties. The device adapts perfectly to your breathing and effortlessly guides you to inhale and exhale at the right time. If you practice this regularly, it has a positive effect on your emotional experience and on dealing with stress. The Kyto is available in three colors:

Soms hoor ik van klanten dat hun smartphone of tablet niet werkt met de Kyto. Bij het checken blijkt dan dat er niks mis is met de Kyto, deze werkt perfect, alleen de kleine adertjes in de oorlel zijn onvoelbaar voor de oorsensor zodat deze niks registreert… In de oor sensor de vinger steken lost onmiddellijk het probleem op. Maar voor dikkere vingers is zo’n oor sensor dan ook weer niet optimaal. Vandaar dat de Kyto nu ook met vingersensor als optie kan besteld worden.
Je kan de vingertip sensor of vingersensor apart bestellen of samen met de Kyto (een oorsensor wordt eveneens meegeleverd). Beschikbaar in drie kleuren: rood, blauw en zwart…


Price Kyto with finger sensor: € 73.00.

The Kyto comes with a Dutch manual which will be sent by e-mail in PDF format.

Also available is a handy pouch to keep the Kyto and the included cables safe. Price is 5 €. See pictures. You can also order the travel pouch separately.

The Coherence Heart Trainer

The Coherence Heart Trainer (CHT) app was developed in collaboration between the organization “Complete Coherence” and the world’s leading manufacturers of non-invasive cardiovascular technology.

First you purchase the Kyto and then you go to the Appstore to download the “Coherence Heart Trainer” App. This app shows you the HRV (Heart Rate Variability) on your smartphone.

Benefits of Using the Coherence Heart Trainer.
  • The CHT app has several functions to train breathing and to easily achieve a higher degree of coherence.
  • A breath guide that can be set between 4 and 12 breaths per minute.
  • Setting of inhalation and exhalation times.
  • Coherence & HRV charts.
  • Goals per session.
  • Comments and notes during the session.
  • Sharing of results on social media.
  • History of sessions.
  • Progression reports and charts.
  • Data can be sent to third parties.
  • Passive app monitoring while smartphone or tab is locked.

The Kyto comes with Dutch manual after ordering and payment. Also available is a hand

Download Coherence Heart Trainer:
Developer: Complete Coherence Limited
Suitable for: iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Order application via iTunes
For Androïd: Androïd

Coherence Heart Trainer

Video Kyto en Coherence Heart Trainer

Watch the instructional video to connect the Kyto to an app (eg “Coherence Heart trainer”) and understand how both work.

Good to know:

  • Before you use the Kyto first: charge it for 2 hours via the supplied USB cable, connected to your laptop or computer. Do not charge via the electrical network as the batteries are very sensitive and cannot tolerate high current voltage. your battery will not last long or even become defective.
  • Sometimes you may notice that it is very difficult to connect via bluetooth. Turning on both location and bluetooth can help. Please note, the Kyto only matches with bluetooth 4.1 and higher. So check this on your smartphone if you have difficulties with your connection.
  • After use, it is best to always disconnect the ear sensor from the Kyto. If you don’t do this, the Kyto will continue to consume battery.
  • If the ear clip sensor is attached with the cable in the Kyto and the clip on the earlobe, a small red light on the Kyto should flash regularly. If this is not the case, the clip is not properly attached.
  • Do not start the measurement in the app until you have a constantly flashing light.
  • If you have problems exercising, this may be due to poor blood flow in the earlobe. In this case, a finger sensor can offer you relief. Or use the ear sensor on your finger if possible! 🙂
  • Avoid using sensors in direct sunlight. The sensors are confused by this bright light.

60,00 65,00 



Brand: Kyto
Model: KYTO HRM-2935
Color: Red, Blue or Black
Shade Color: Black
Material: ABS + Electronic Components
Quantity: 1 Piece


Purpose Position: Ear
Battery Quantity: 1
Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery Battery
Included or not: Yes
Charger: USB


Rechargeable lithium battery: 3.7 V
Battery capacity: 150mA
Standard Voltage: 3.7 V
Standard power: 6mA
Standby time: about 6 hours
Charging time: about 2 hours
Compatible with IOS & Android devices

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 5.5cm x 3.3cm x 2.2cm
Weight: 18g

Packing list

1 x heart rate monitor
1 x USB cable (57cm)
1 x ear clip sensor (33cm) and / or
1 x fingertip sensor

Specification case

Diameter: 8 cm
Height: 3 cm
Color: Green

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Kleuren Kyto

With pouch, Without pouch