Nova pro 100 brain machine

What is a brain machine? A brain machine is a system of AVS (Audio visual stimulation), light and sound relaxation system. It is a microprocessor controlled device designed to create relaxation or other mood effects using sound and light stimulation. You select a session, put on the headphones and stimulation glasses and sit quietly while enjoying the experience, which can be relaxing, stimulating, aiding meditation or just fun entertainment depending on the session that is chosen.

The Nova Pro 100 from Photsonix has 100 pre-programmed sessions in the following groups:

  • relaxation
  • meditation
  • sleeping
  • studying
  • stimulating energy
  • creativity
  • fun

That is more than double that of all other ‘light and sound’ brain machines. It is a microprocessor controlled device designed to create stimulation with a number of controlled parameters: (frequency, magnitude, intensity, tone, pitch, phase, duty cycle) and various other functions.
The Nova Pro 100 is a brain machine that is also programmable, which means that the user can create his or her own sessions and download some sessions from a PC. There is the possibility to download or create 100 more sessions yourself.



Features of the Nova Pro 100 brain machine

  • This brain machine has a heavy internal battery with 5 hours of autonomy.
  • Can enjoy up to 2 users at the same time (with extra glasses).
  • Works with audioStrobe CDs.
  • There is an audio input to connect an external CD player and microphone.
  • Comes with very light-intensity standard glasses, standard headphones, carrying case and mains adapter.

100 Built-in sessions – Including the 50 Nova Pro sessions, the 10 quick mood change sessions from the Muse# and 40 new sessions.


Additional information

Weight 1350 g


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