Primal flour

Are you looking for gluten-free basic flour? And do you also want to avoid rice, corn, and potato starch? Then this primal meal might be for you. The basic primordial flour from treat is super versatile because you can bake cookies with it or bind cakes and bread or all kinds of sauces with it. The ingredients come from gluten-free flours of tubers, such as konjac and tapioca. It also contains linseed and coconut. The gluten- and lactose-free raw flour is also sugar-free.

The treat primal flour is the healthy alternative to traditional wheat flour. These prebiotic good fibers promote good intestinal flora and intestinal function.



Ingredients of the primal flour

The primordial flour consists of linseed flour, coconut flour, psyllium husk, konjac flour, tapioca starch.

Product information

✔ good fiber for your intestines
✔ konjac
✔ prebiotic
✔ gluten and grain free
✔ sugar free
✔ lactose and casein free
✔ no potato
✔ no rice
✔ no corn

Nutritional value per 100 gr

Energy: 1400KJ, 332 Kcal.
Fibers: 16,6 gr.
Fat: 2,50 gr. of which saturated fatty acids 1,80 gr.
Carbohydrates: 62,8 gr. of which sugars 6 gr.
Proteins: 6,90 gr.
Salt: 0,1 gr.

Storage Instructions

Store the Treat primal flour in a dry and cool place.

Additional information

Weight 500 g


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