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With this primordial bread baking mix you can bake a crusty OER bread of about 500 g very quickly and easily. This bread has been developed as an alternative to the classic bread, without wheat or other grains, gluten, milk protein and sugar. It contains full of good prebiotic fibers for a good intestinal flora and intestinal transit. The selected flours come from tubers (konjac and tapioca), linseed and coconut.

This ancient bread contains the glucomannan fiber from konjac. Konjac is extracted from the Konjac plant. This plant is mainly found in warm regions of China, Japan and Indonesia. It is a perennial with a tuber root up to 25 cm wide and 600 g in weight. Flour and gel are made from the root nodules of the Konjac plant. This starchy tuber contains a lot of dietary fiber that is also called Glucomannan. This dietary fiber can absorb a lot of water and then turns into a gel-like substance. Hence, Konjac is also used as a vegetable thickener.

The advantage of konjac is that it contains very few calories. Actually very few calories. Konjac consists of a lot of Glucomannan fibers and this ensures a full and satisfied feeling. Products made from konjac are therefore a product of choice for people who want to lose weight, lose weight or follow a carbohydrate-conscious lifestyle. Like a keto diet. In addition, the dietary fibers feed the ‘good gut bacteria’. These are the bacteria in our gut that convert fiber into short-chain fatty acids. Products made from konjac are therefore certainly a good alternative to grain breads, noodles or rice if you want to eat low-carb. The root tuber can be prepared as a potato dish and in combination with Psyllium it can be used in numerous dishes (also as a binding agent). It can be used as a cereal (cereal) or as Asian noodles. But because konjac products consist entirely of Glucomannan fibers, they do not contain fats and proteins. That is why it is important to supplement your ancient bread or konjac dish with healthy toppings to still get enough nutrients. Think of vegetables, nuts, seeds and kernels or healthy fats such as olive oil or coconut oil.

How do you bake a primal bread?

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Preparation method for a Treat primordial bread:

  • 50 ml sparkling water
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • primordial bread baking mix

Put the eggs, the sparkling water and the melted coconut oil in a bowl and whisk briefly to a foamy mass. Then mix in the original bread baking mix until you get a smooth mass. Bring the dough together with a spatula, including the dough that still sticks to the bowl. Then let the batter rest for at least 15 minutes.

Then wet your hands and shape the dough into an elongated loaf, without kneading it further, and place it on baking paper. Bake the bread immediately in the center of a preheated oven at 180°C for 70 minutes. That’s it! If you have a bread maker, you can also bake this primal bread (paleo bread) in it if your device has a container without a kneading function.


Yellow linseed flour, konjac flour, coconut flour, tapioca starch, paleo baking powder (tapioca starch, raising agents: tartaric acid, salt, sodium carbonates).

Product information:

✔ good fiber for your intestines
✔ konjac
✔ prebiotic
✔ gluten and grain free
✔ sugar free
✔ lactose and casein free
✔ no potato
✔ no rice
✔ no corn

Nutritional value per 100 gr:

Energy: 1362 KJ, 323 Kcal.
Fibers: 16 gr.
Fat: 2,20 gr. of which saturated fatty acids 1,60 gr.
Carbohydrates: 61 gr. of which sugars 3,90 gr.
Proteins: 6,70 gr.
Salt: 1,91 gr.

Storage instructions:

Keep the Treat primal bread baking mix dry and cool.

Additional information

Weight 5000 g


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