Boek Mindfulness een klare kijk

An educational, clear and fascinating written overview of the design, background and structure of a mindfulness training: the book ‘mindfulness, een klare kijk’ (mindfulness, a clear view). Based on the experiences of a client who followed the eight-week training program in individual sessions, session after session the topics discussed are explained. With dozens of stories, wisdoms, poems, tips for doing certain exercises,… the whole is enriched lightly and readily. The design itself is also ‘soothing’: a calm layout with legible font, clarifying frames and diagrams, are clearly and clearly embedded in the whole of the material.



Book mindfulness een klare kijk

In the book mindfulness, a clear view it is clearly explained chapter by chapter what a mindfulness training is all about. After first defining what exactly mindfulness training is, Chapter 2 reconstructs how the method ended up in psychotherapy. In this context, the Buddhist origin of mindfulness is clarified. It is necessary to examine the roots first: the vipassana from which mindfulness has gained a lot, in order to better situate the place and application of mindfulness. Then the reception in America and Europe is discussed.

Based on the experiences of the individual sessions that Suzan has followed, the training package will be clearly discussed. Suzan has a borderline structure. In order to have a better understanding of what a borderline personality (BP) is, first chapter 3 follows a journey through this personality structure. A definition is given, the typical characteristics are listed and we look for the causes by which someone grows up with this structure. In short, some suggestions are also given to deal with the symptoms. Suggestions, no therapeutic foundation or framework, just a few suggestions to point the way. All this is also viewed from the perspective of cognitive therapy. Because mindfulness is a combination of vipassana and cognitive therapy, this way it becomes clear what the input of the cognitive therapy is in an 8 week mindfulness training. The reason the author is dealing with BPD is because a BP has such extreme thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that any reader can recognize some of them in themselves…

Chapter 4 takes a closer look at the training program: How is an Eight weeks of training built up, which techniques are taught per session, what is the structure? Attention is paid to the structure of the training, and in addition to the content program of mindfulness, the similarities and differences between mindfulness-based interventions and cognitive therapy are examined.

With a foreword by David Dewulf. David is the founder of IAM and coordinates its operations.

Author: Dirk Vieren

Publisher: Asoka

Author: Dirk Vieren
ISBN: 978 90 5670 184 0
Publication date: 1 juli 2008
Dimensions: 22,6 x 19,1 x 2,2 cm
Printing: 3rd edition
Number of page’s: 228
Binding: Paperback
Price: 24,95 €

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