Mindfulness book + DVD

A mindfulness package to get started at home to go. The mindfulness package, book + DVD, is a handy package that you can use to practice at home. The training consists of a workbook and 1 DVD. By following the clear explanations and instructions in the book and by doing the exercises, you will learn step by step to apply Mindfulness in your daily life.

The benefits of a Mindfulness ‘do it yourself’ training at a glance:

  • Ideal for people who cannot or do not want to participate in a group training and still want to learn Mindfulness.
  • You can start where and when you want and you can set your own pace.

The costs: the Mindfulness package only costs € 36.95 excluding shipping costs.

Original price was: 39,95 €.Current price is: 36,95 €.


The Mindfulness book + DVD package consists of:

  • Book mindfulness a clear view (in Dutch), Dirk Vieren, Asoka
  • DVD with the most important meditations from a mindfulness training, spoken by Dirk Vieren in Dutch

Additional information

Weight 700 g


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