Mindfulness DVD

This Mindfulness DVD is an addition to the book: Mindfulness, a clear view and contains all exercises from the mindfulness training program. These meditations are recorded as mp3 files. With this DVD you can listen to all meditations on your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player,…
For those who need an accompanying voice at home…



Contents of the Mindfulness DVD

Disc 1

0. Eating exercise
1. The breath
2. Walking meditation
3. Body scan
4. What is yoga?
5. Yoga
6. The breathing space
7. Breath, sound and body
8. Breath, sound, thoughts and emotions
9. Standing exercises
10. Mountain meditation
11. Silence
12. Inner smile
13. Kindness meditation 3
14. The breath (short version)
15 Breath, sound and body (short version)
16. Breath, sound, thoughts and emotions (short version)
17. Reclining meditation
18. Walking meditation, walking in nature

Author: Dirk Vieren

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Weight 75 g


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